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Flat Roofing in Troy, MI

Flat Roofing

Here at Troy Roofing Pros, we understand the exact needs of our clients and we’re aware that a lot of our clients don’t know much about roofing. Now of course as a client, you won’t have to worry about it any further cause we’re here for you. We as a lead roofing company will always help you to pick the right roofing material for you according to your preference and budget. We always give the best roofing services that include different flat roofing services as well. Our professional roofing crews are completely devoted to their job and we provide free advice to our clients as well as making them understand what we would be working on their property. We maintain an appropriate relationship between us and the clients and providing the best customer satisfaction is our top priority.


What We Do
It’s certainly true that you’re thinking about how important roofing systems are for your property and how you should invest in it. You’ve come to the right place if you want to know about our Flat roofing systems and how we handle the jobs. The weather in our state is pretty unforgiving throughout the whole year and it can cause serious problems to your residential or commercial property. And you’ll have to keep that in mind that your roofing system is the first line of defense for your residential or commercial property against harsh weather. If your roof gets damaged, it can pose a serious threat to you and your property and it’s always wise to get it repaired ASAP. And if the condition is more severe, you might even need to replace the entire roofing system to make your property functional again. Because if you don’t decide on getting them fixed, it can cause even more damage to your property costing you a lot of money. Now deciding what material and choosing how they’d look on your property is tough, but you don’t have to worry a bit. Here at Troy Roofing Pros, we will help you with our best effort to help you choose the best roofing material and services according to your budget and preferences.


Why Do You Need Flat Roofing?
To make it more clear to you. Flat roofing is the different low-slope roof installation technique on your properties no matter if they’re residential or commercial. Although don’t get confused by the title of this roofing technique since it doesn’t involve completely flat shingles, at least not entirely. This technique uses low slopes of roofing shingles so that there aren’t any water damages since the low slope helps get rid of water more efficiently. Flat roofing materials have a lot of different customizable options for you to choose from and that can be appreciated by any picky clients out there. There are a lot of different styles, patterns, and colors for you and you can certainly pick the one you want that suits both your budget and preferences.


Why Should You Choose Us For Flat Roofing?
We at Troy Roofing Pros are properly trained and specialized in all types of flat roofing techniques both new installations or repairing an existing flat roofing system. You won’t have to worry if your project is too big or small, we still have you covered no matter if you have a commercial or residential property to handle. For all types of flat roofing materials, we offer you the best workmanship and affordable materials as well. There are a lot of different flat roofing materials you can choose from and we as the lead roofing company provide all the popular flat roofing materials with the best quality ensured. Keep in mind that we provide excellent warranties along with our materials so that you get the most longevity out of them.


Types of Flat Roofing
The flat roofing system is one of the most popular roofing techniques among all kinds of property owners and they’re still gaining popularity day by day. And because of the huge benefits that come with flat roofing, both residential and commercial property owners have been choosing flat roofing materials for their property. And when you combine our expertise with the best flat style materials, you can get the most benefits including longevity and best protection as well. We’ve been at our job for years and we can surely tell you that our reputation was completely built on our experience of flat roofing over the years. Since there are a lot of different flat roofing materials out there, you don’t have to worry about getting them from another vendor and such. Because we provide all the popular flat roofing materials and the best quality along with affordability is completely guaranteed. Here are some of the several flat roofing options you can get from us:


Built-Up Roofing
The most popular flat roofing technique is built-up roofing among all the other flat roofing types. These roofing types use different sturdy roofing materials that provide the best durability and longevity. There are also other names they’re called like “Tar” or “Grovel” roofs since they’re made of different fabrics and asphalt. They’re multi-layered which makes the entire structure very durable and they certainly last for a longer time.


Bitumen Roofing
This roofing system is a lot similar to built-up roofing and that’s not all. Both of them work the same way and the materials are also a bit similar. The only difference here is that bitumen is made of a mixture of rubber and plastic with asphalt instead of fabrics. These roofing systems not only are extremely durable, but they can also protect you from various weather damages. They can contain extra heat produced by the sun so that your utility bills don’t skyrocket saving you a lot of energy bills at the same time. These roofing systems are very efficient at protecting your property at this price range.


This is another popular flat roofing material that is used on both residential and commercial property owners. EPDM is also called the rubber roofing system since EPD is made of synthetic rubber. The synthetic rubber inside your flat roofing system can and will protect you from harsh weather and that’s a guarantee.

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If you want your flat roofing system to last for a long time, you’d need to choose the right roofing material combined with an expert roofing company to install them. And we at Troy Roofing Pros are certainly the ones you should contact for all your roofing problems. Contact us today and get the best roofing services you and your money deserve! 

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