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Roof Installations 

Have your existing roofing system replaced entirely or install a new roofing system on your residential property by the lead roofing company in the entire Troy area from Michigan. Here at Troy Roofing Pros, we can even install a new roofing system on your property in only one day and that’s not all. No matter what roofing shingles you use, it can last roughly more than two decades if the roofing materials were good in the first place. And mostly after that, replacing the roofing system becomes mandatory and expert hands are of course needed to install new set of shingles. Besides providing new installations of the roofing systems, we also provide roof tear-off services along with other roof repairing services. 


Roofing Repairs 

Our expert roofing crews are properly trained and perfectly capable of repairing any kind of roofing system whether it’s a residential or commercial property that you own. Our roofing jobs are always performed in a very detailed way so that no minor mistakes are made while performing them so that we can provide your roofing system with the most longevity. 

We also provide emergency roof repair services that include schedule-making options so that even in the tightest schedules, we make your roofing system back to functional again without causing any issues. 


Roof Replacements 

Old shingles are always fragile and can pose a bigger threat to you and your entire property as well. We provide roof replacement services for all kinds of roofing materials and property types as well so that you won’t face any issues if your roofing system fails to function.

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